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Delivery to South Africa

To start enjoying your iHerb products, you will have the option to select between two reliable delivery methods.

Two experienced courier companies with excellent international reputations have been selected to ensure you receive your package from iHerb in the most efficient way. The options will appear once you have placed the items in your shopping cart.

• DHL – Should you select DHL, a worldwide leader in logistics with excellent parcel tracking technologies, the estimated cost would range between $9 to $30* depending on the size of your order and delivery option selected. The anticipated delivery time varies between 5 and 14 days*.
• UPS – Should you select UPS, another leader in the parcel delivery industry that will assist you in tracking your package every step of the way, the estimated cost would range between $12 to $32*. The cost depends on the size of your order and delivery option selected, and delivery is anticipated to take between 5 to 14 days*.

*Please note that the South African Customs Office rules and regulations apply. Additional fees in the form of duties and taxes may be applicable on delivery. It is recommended that you keep your invoice handy for delivery or collection at the South African Post Office to ensure this process runs smoothly.

Visit the iHerb website regularly to see the other amazing offers available as well as the latest product developments.

iHerb.com has operated since 1996. It is highly reliable and is a Google Trusted Store. It offers over 30000 products and serves millions of customers world wide.

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About the iHerb Coupon Code

iHerb Coupon Code – Discount of 5%

Discount of 5%

5% discount for your order of $40 and over

iHerb Coupon Code – There is No Expiry Date

There is No Expiry Date

The iHerb coupon code doesn't expire: it is valid for every month of 2021, 2022, 2023, etc.

iHerb Coupon Code – Tried and trusted in South Africa

Tried and trusted in South Africa

Proven all over the world, including Mzansi!

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The discount code is will work for your purchase, 100% guaranteed

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