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Delivery to New Zealand

There are several great options for shipping to New Zealand – here’s a summary of the details. You can also easily view all the shipping options when you put an item in your shopping cart.

If you have a smaller order and don’t need tracking, Airmail is your best bet:
• Standard Airmail is FREE for all orders over US$40! Airmail is untracked but very reliable and delivery takes an average of 2 weeks, though can take anywhere from 1–5 weeks. Airmail is available for orders up to US$80 value and weighing up to 1814 g.
• Airmail Premium is the same as standard Airmail, but faster – deliveries take between 1-3 weeks but will usually arrive within 7 days. There’s a flat fee of US$6.

If you have a large order, or would like tracked shipping, try these two options:
• DHL offers great deals on delivery to New Zealand. Average prices are around US$8-$13, with extra discounts for orders over US$40. They ship parcels of up to 68 kg, and shipping takes about 1 week. Deliveries are tracked and can’t be sent to a P.O. Box. Note that GST and customs duties may be charged separately.
• UPS also offer tracked shipping with average prices from US$10-$12. Delivery time is also around 1 week, parcel size is up to 68 kg, and deliveries cannot be sent to a P.O. Box. Again, note that GST and customs duties may be charged separately.

As New Zealand Customs can be quite strict, please make sure you read the Shipping and Restrictions information carefully and check the New Zealand Customs website to ensure your order has a hassle-free journey right to your door.

And remember; check iHerb.com regularly for the latest and greatest deals!

iHerb is a reliable Google Trusted Store. It has been operating since 1996 and now offers over 30000 products to millions of customers worldwide.

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