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The tastiest organic novelties at iHerb

Coconut – that’s it!

The trend of proper nutrition is gaining more and more followers nowadays. Keep in mind that proper nutrition does not focus only on norms of daily calorie intake, but also on the quality of products. Finding healthy products became easier with advance in technology, and today we selected the top new organic products from iHerb – for your good taste and health!

Lentils – what is it and how do you eat it?

Our first product is lentils, tasty legume full of vegetable proteins. You can cook a lot of unusual dishes using lentils: from ordinary lentil porridge to various cream soups. The variety of lentils on iHerb is huge – you can pick any, all up to your taste, starting from classic green to more piquant red. Try it out and pick your personal favorite!

Nut snack

It is not a secret that a tasty mix of nuts can be an awesome snack and, in some cases, a great addition to your breakfast. 2019 novelties include an organic mix named “Machu Piсchu” – a mixture of cacao, physalis, and cashew. The manufacturer promises a 100% natural product with taste of ancient Inca civilization – so, why not to try it?

Do you think it is impossible to surprise you with pasta? You are wrong then!

Our next novelty is gluten-free pasta! Nutritionists argue that exclusion of grain products makes your nutrition healthier – it is hard to argue! Here we have all natural spaghetti made of quinoa that can make any lunch even better! Add your favorite sauce and you are all set – adding a glass of red wine will be ideal for a peaceful dinner.

Coconut – that’s it!

Healthy snacks are truly the trend of 2019! What can be better than roasted coconut chips from Let’s Do Organic? Made in Sri-Lanka, these chips are crispy and pleasant to eat – did we mention that they do not contain sugar? Add some fruits and raisins to the formula and your ideal snack is all set. Add a fresh smoothie and voila – that’s an ideal combo...

Eat well and stay healthy with iHerb!

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